Dog & Family Photography with a Difference

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Melody's passion of providing a relaxed, calm environment for dogs to have their photos taken is paramount. Giving their loving owners the opportunity to capture beautiful moments to cherish with their dogs.


Would you like to work with me (trusted APDT Dog Trainer, Behaviourist, TTouch Practitioner and Canine Fitness Trainer) that understands dogs and their welfare? Together, we will only use positive kind reward based methods to ensure your dog isn't put into an unnecessary stressful situation. Providing a fun training session before the actual photoshoot will give your dog a better association with being in a studio and being around myself, the photographer.


Looking forward to offering this unique photoshoot to you. Alternatively, this could be a special gift for your friend or family and their beloved dog.

Studio Dog Photoshoot with a Difference

Here is a breakdown of what is included:

STEP 1 - Photoshoot

After the photoshoot is prebooked and paid for: What's included...


Pre-shoot Consultation

To discuss what you would like in your photos, including a choice of backdrops and props. We will discuss what your dog's needs are in terms of age, health, desires (treats and toys) and their daily activities (sport, sleeping, play). Although your dogs are the main focus of the photoshoot, I will also welcome your children to sit with your dog in a proportion of the photos to capture memories of your loved ones together.


Springer Loaded Training Have a Go session

This will include a 30 minute session giving you the opportunity to have a go at Springer Loaded's activities (this will depend on the dog's individual needs and abilities): Training (including focus, sit and stay which are useful for the photoshoot) and TTouch (bodywork for relaxation / body language). These activities will cover Springer Loaded Canine Fitness's ethos of providing dogs with Mental, Physical and Emotional Stimulation to give you a balanced, calm companion in preparation for the photoshoot itself.


The pre-shoot consultation and have a go session can either be provided a few days before the photoshoot or on the same day.


Studio Photoshoot

This can last 30-45 minutes (depending upon the dog and owner's needs). It will be based at the Springer Loaded Photography studio in Bozeat, Northants NN29.

Although several photos will be taken, a proportion of these will be shortlisted by myself that are of the best quality, show your dog's likeness and fulfil your goal discussed from the pre-shoot consultation. Providing a calm environment and ensuring your dog is calm and relaxed at all times.


Post Production

After the photoshoot has finished, Melody will edit the photos taken (on average 15-25 photos). This can take up to 14 days (longer at busy times), but you will be kept posted along the way. At the photoshoot, we can book in the best date for the viewing and ordering session.


The 'Reveal Session - Viewing and Ordering

At a private viewing, usually at the studio, you will be shown the edited photos (full final edits may be done after when chosen for print) from the photoshoot of your dog that are the best quality and suitable for your needs. We'll then discuss your needs, with a choice of prints, frames and wall products that will best show off the beauty of your dog.


STEP 2: Print

Please see the Print Prices page for more details

With every print purchase, a digital image (low resolution suitabe for social media / computer with watermark) of that photo will be provided.

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In summary, what is included:

  • The reservation fee secures the photoshoot experience

  • Pre shoot consultation by filling in a simple questionnaire about your dog and your needs

  • A Springer Loaded Training Have a Go session to ensure a relaxed environment for your dog before the shoot itself

  • The photoshoot itself (usually up to 2 hours)

  • Post production - Professionally edited photos (usually 15-30 photographs)

  • The exciting 'Reveal session' at my studio where you can see your photographs

  • The reservation fee is then turned into a £249 credit towards print, frames, wall products or books and subtracted from the total invoice. Examples of products can be viewed here